Your click is being counted

Thanks to the 125 respondents throughout the state of Illinois who completed the YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION survey — your time and input will help shape an agenda to advance youth entrepreneurship education.

OK, my click counts…now what? Your clicks and comments are being tallied, crunched, analyzed and formatted to be distributed to those who requested the findings. In the meantime, the idea to create a “your click counts” blog (as one medium of distribution) emerged with the intent to keep the momentum building by posting new learnings and insights, as well as, generating feedback.

Findings will be posted for comments and insights.


Hello from ALL Sides!

pmt1.jpgALL Sides” invites and encourages the input and insights of those interested in youth entrepreneurship education.

What is youth entrepreneurship education? What does it look like? How is it delivered?

This question was “unpacked” in the “Youth Entrepreneurship Education Survey” disseminated throughout Illinios. Quite a task!

Special Thanks to several partnering agencies who helped disseminate the survey: Illinois Institute for Enterpreneurship Education (IIEE), Illinois Council for Economic Education(ICEE), Millikin Regional Entrepreneurship Network and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Survey developers: Harold Welsch, PhD; DePaul University, College of Business and Management; Ida Manning, IIEE; and, Pat Tomich, Pat’s Business Design.

Most of all SPECIAL THANKS to those 125 respondents throughout the state of Illinois who took the time to complete the survey!