Drawing Conclusions – Youth Entrepreneurship Education (YEE)

Where do we go from here? The survey results have been tabulated, conclusions drawn and distributed to more than 85 educators of IL. The instrument identified barriers of access to youth entrepreneurship education. Barriers include:

  • the lack of a precise definition to what constitutes YEE;
  • the disconnect between what is taught in the high school classroom and the skill sets kids need to function in an innovation economy;
  • the mandates at the federal and state level to demonstrate academic achievement;
  • the lack of funding and state appropriations, teacher training and entrepreneurship resources;
  • the overload of college prep courses in the high school curriculum.

Among those 125 educators who took the survey, youth entrepreneurship education creates value both in schools and in neighborhoods. If a program or school is to be successful it needs the support at different levels – legislature (state, city/municipal, and school districts) and the business community must be involved. Internal to the school environment, departments can no longer function with a silo mentality. The school functions as an eco-system and it needs the support system in place so that it can thrive and provide a dynamic learning environment for our children. Entrepreneurship education provides a framework for this to happen.


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